Buying a property with siblings

Buying a property with siblings

3 Effective Tactics To Stand Out From The Pack When Looking To Rent A Property

by Sean Simmmons

It's no secret that finding a home for rent is hard in Australia, especially with a single home inspection drawing an abundance of prospective tenants. Rejections are commonplace with so many applicants vying for a single property, so how can you stand out from the crowd when renting? Some effective tactics can help.

Posh Up Your Appearance

People who are under dressed at rental inspections often get written off at the start because they often come across as less serious. In many cases, the agent may consider them unable to meet the tenancy requirements for leasing the property without reviewing the details of their application. Don't let this be you if you're serious about renting a property. Posh up your appearance to make a good first impression on the real estate agent.

When you come across as well dressed and presentable, the agent is much more likely to review your application in greater detail than others who do not present as well as you do on the day – significantly improving your chances of securing the property. This doesn't mean that you need to come to an inspection dressed in a suit and tie. A well-pressed shirt, clean clothes, neatly combed hair and good shoes can make a good first impression too.

Craft A Comprehensive Rental Resume

The devil is in the details, so make sure you create a comprehensive resume when you're entering the rental market. A good rental resume contains a significant amount of information about yourself at the start, so the agent doesn't have to keep going back and forth asking for documentation to support your application. For example, a strong rental resume contains information about your job, salary, past tax returns, education, marital status, past rental ledgers and references from previous landlords and employers. Having this information on hand will help you convince the agent that you're dead serious about securing the property, and will likely put you at the top of the desirable applicants list.

Take The Time To Chat To The Agent

With plenty of applicants walking through the doors of a rental inspection, it's almost impossible to stand out from the pack unless you take the time to chat to the agent. This helps the agent recognise your seriousness when it comes to renting, and helps him/her remember you when sifting through a myriad of applications. When chatting to your agent, take the time to showcase the things that make you an attractive tenant. For example, perhaps you've been permanently employed with the same company for several years, or maybe you're handy at certain types of repairs. Demonstrating your desirability during a conversation with the agent will help you secure the property more easily.

Follow these key tactics in your quest to stand out from the pack when renting a property.


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Buying a property with siblings

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