Buying a property with siblings

Buying a property with siblings

Important Questions to Ask When Deciding on Retirement Living

by Sean Simmmons

Retirement living usually means moving to an apartment or other such housing that is meant for senior citizens. If you're getting close to retirement age, you might want to consider your options now, so you can ensure you find a good location for retirement living and have time to compare all your options. Note a few important questions to ask any facility, and to ask yourself, to ensure you find the best choice of housing for the upcoming years.

What about pets?

You may not have kept a pet in your family home simply because it would have been too much work, but when you retire, might you change your mind? Pets can provide companionship, and dogs especially can keep you active, as you need to walk your dog every day. Consider a facility that allows pets, in case you want one down the road.

If you already have a pet, be sure it's allowed at a facility; some complexes may have restrictions as to a dog breed or size, and some may not allow rodents, lizards, snakes, and other such animals that could escape their terrarium and get loose in the complex.

Rent or own?

Renting an apartment gives you the freedom to leave when your lease is up; this can be a good choice if you think you might eventually move to the home of one of your adult children, or to an assisted living facility. The drawback of renting is that the rental amount may increase over the years, and rental facilities may have more rules and restrictions on guests who can stay for extended periods of time, and so on. Be sure to ask any rental facility about these types of rules before signing a lease.

If you're thinking of buying an apartment or condominium, talk to a real estate agent about the expected value of different complexes and units over the years.  This will ensure you make a sound financial investment when purchasing.


If you already have joint problems, back pain, and other issues that make walking difficult, you want to carefully consider the access of a complex. Are there plenty of elevators, and are they close to the entrance of a prospective apartment? If there ample handicapped parking, and is it close to the entryway doors? If walking even a few extra feet or meters already gives you pain and stiffness, you want to ensure you choose a facility that allows for easy access to everything you'll need to reach every day.


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Buying a property with siblings

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