Buying a property with siblings

Buying a property with siblings

When Your Safe Is Too Safe: How to Get It Open When the Lock Doesn't Work

by Sean Simmmons

Whether it's the deed to your home, expensive jewellery, your will or even your children's baby photos, if you have a safe at home there will be certain items you wish to securely store inside it. And securely stored these items will be, although sometimes they might be too secure. What can you do if your wall safe refuses to open?


If your safe has an electronic lock that refuses to respond and appears to be deactivated, it might simply be the case that its batteries need to be replaced. Locate the owner's manual for your safe and change the batteries as per the instructions. You might need a screwdriver in order to do this. Once fresh batteries have been installed, try to input your code.

Reset Code

If the lock still doesn't accept the code, it might be necessary to reset the lock and select a new code. Check the documentation that came with the safe. Is the master reset code noted there? If not, you might have to contact the company that supplied the safe. They might not simply release the code via a phone call or an email, and it might be necessary to verify your identity. Such a protocol would have been put in place for your protection, but it means that you will not be able to gain immediate entry to your safe.

Jammed Lock

If you have a safe with a manual lock and the key doesn't seem to be working, you can treat it as you would when a door lock becomes jammed. Apply a small amount of appropriate lubricant to the key and gently insert it into the lock. You might wish to leave it sitting in the lock for a short period of time so that the lubricant is more effectively distributed throughout the locking mechanism.

Asking for Assistance

If the lock still refuses to open, you will need to contact locksmiths who are experienced in opening a stuck safe. It's unlikely that a locksmith will simply enter a home and unlock the safe, and you might need to verify your identity and address. Be prepared to show your driver's licence or passport, along with a rates notice or a utility bill to prove that you live at the address. Ideally the locksmith will simply need to unlock the safe and repair whatever issue has led to the lock becoming jammed. On occasion, the lock's cylinder might need to be replaced (with a new key issued).

Being locked out of your safe is rather inconvenient, but it's not all that difficult to overcome, even though you might need to prove that the safe is in fact yours.


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Buying a property with siblings

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