Buying a property with siblings

Buying a property with siblings

What Could Those Pigeons on Your Business Building Be Trying to Tell You?

by Sean Simmmons

Because they're a lot more visible and accepted than, say, rats or cockroaches, people don't always realise what pests pigeons can be. Unfortunately, this means they're often left to their own devices, despite the fact they can cause just as many problems as other animal infestations.

If you have pigeons roosting in and around your business premises, you also have the risk of some nasty bacteria and diseases, plus gradual property damage and generally unpleasant droppings. But pigeons can also be helpful in a way, as their presence suggests various unseen problems might be going on. Here are some things those pigeons on your building might be trying to tell you.

Pigeons aren't your only pest problem

People sometimes compare pigeons to rats, and this comparison isn't too far off the mark. Many of the same things that attract pigeons will also attract rats and mice, so there's a good chance they're around as well, plus some cockroaches. These animals are just shyer and less visible than pigeons.

There's also a very strong chance that flies are laying their eggs in pigeon droppings, nesting materials, and even dead birds. Oh, and don't forget bird mites, which bite humans as well as birds.

There's excess water somewhere

Like many bird species, pigeons love to bathe themselves in standing water. If you can't see an obvious source of this, you probably have it somewhere you're not aware of. This might mean dips in the roof where rain is collecting or a leak somewhere that's causing puddles.

Someone is dumping waste

The simple fact is that, without a source of food, pigeons will eventually move on. If they're hanging around your business and you're sure nobody is feeding them, then they're finding something to eat. Make sure bins are securely sealed and nobody is using the area around your building as a dumping ground.

If your gutters aren't blocked, they probably will be soon

Droppings, excess food, old nesting materials, and dead birds—they'll all block your guttering over time. This can cause some serious problems for your building and may also contribute to the water build-up that attracts more pigeons.

You have a lot more pigeons than you realise

In most cases, you're only going to see the pigeons roosting around the edge of the building and peeping out from ledges. That's usually just the tip of the iceberg; many more birds will be nesting on top of the roof, still young and hiding in nests, and stuffed in anywhere they'll fit. Always assume there are a lot more pigeons than you can see.

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Buying a property with siblings

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