Buying a property with siblings

Buying a property with siblings

  • Important Questions to Ask When Deciding on Retirement Living

    Retirement living usually means moving to an apartment or other such housing that is meant for senior citizens. If you're getting close to retirement age, you might want to consider your options now, so you can ensure you find a good location for retirement living and have time to compare all your options. Note a few important questions to ask any facility, and to ask yourself, to ensure you find the best choice of housing for the upcoming years.

  • 3 Effective Tactics To Stand Out From The Pack When Looking To Rent A Property

    It's no secret that finding a home for rent is hard in Australia, especially with a single home inspection drawing an abundance of prospective tenants. Rejections are commonplace with so many applicants vying for a single property, so how can you stand out from the crowd when renting? Some effective tactics can help. Posh Up Your Appearance People who are under dressed at rental inspections often get written off at the start because they often come across as less serious.

  • 3 Ways To Bring Down Your Rental Commitment When You Don't Want To Share

    Shared rentals are exciting, but there probably comes a time when you want to live on your own. But living on your own can be an expensive proposition with the median rent in Sydney at $550 per week and in Melbourne between $380 and $400 per week. Here are some ways to bring down your rental commitment when you don't want to share a unit. Downsize Your Expectations Lofty expectations of sprawling two or three bedroom apartments need to take a backseat when you don't have the dollars to spare on rent.

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  • Ways to Prevent Asbestos Exposure

    Today, we know that asbestos, a fibrous type of mineral, causes cancer and other health problems. However, this wasn't always the case. Before the 1980s, construction workers often used asbestos as a cheap and versatile way to insulate and fireproof buildings, and many older buildings still contain this toxic substance. If you live in an older house, or if you're involved in the construction industry, it's important to know how to protect yourself from asbestos exposure.

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Buying a property with siblings

It is getting very expensive to buy a property and most people can't afford to do it on their own anymore. That's why a growing number of people are choosing to buy property with their siblings. It's a great way to share some of the burden of a mortgage as well as giving you some built in house mates that you know that you can live with! This blog has some tips on how to find a house that you can share with siblings and has some tips from home owners and real estate agents who have experience in finding homes for siblings.